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Certified Professional Coach

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Fees & Logistics:

INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS:  Coaching is typically done via the telephone.  For clients who are local, I am happy to arrange face to face appointments as well.  Your investment is $400 per month which can be broken in to four 30-minute sessions or three 45-minute sessions.  If money is an issue, try a sample session and then we can talk.  SAMPLE SESSIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE!

CORPORATE CLIENTS:  Please inquire.

What Clients Have To Say:

"You help me see what I'm not looking at.  You help me ask myself questions I wouldn’t have the courage to even think about, but in the process of thinking about those questions, they enlighten me and bring me to a new level of awareness. For the first time in my life I have experienced what coming home is really like, thank you. You have made me realize what I do want out of my life and that I have the strength to achieve it."  MA

"I really can't overstate how precious your ability is.  I feel clearer and more accepting of where I am.  I feel greatly supported in who I am, truly seen, known, valued, encouraged, constructively guided, and beautifully held.  [This has] opened up practical possibilities for addressing my own needs, which I tend to stuff under the rug. I'm left with a huge sense of relief and possibility."  JC

"The results were truly miraculous. My kids were loving how we could be together as a revised family. At the end of the weekend, some major shift happened. I still dont understand it, but it felt like something aligned and healed in that moment. It took my breath away literally and on a deeper level too. In all, the entire experience has shifted something in me. I feel like I can move forward fully in this part of my life, and not have one foot in the unfinished business of the past."   VK

"The journey to self-discovery and self-mastery is so exciting!"  TB

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