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This page is for celebrating clients and friends.  Please come back from time to time to see what changes.  If you would like to post something, let me know.

Former client Nancy Deehan has found her passion and joined forces with Susan Caples to launch a holistic learning center.  Check it out at:

All artwork on this site is compliments of my friend Michael Van Patten.  For more of his work go to:  www.

Training:  Many of my clients are interested in becoming a life coach themself.  The two schools I have trained with are The Coaches Instiutute and Coaching For Transformation through the NY Open Center.  Check them out at and, respectively.

Come, open the window.
The siren song calls you

Step through the doorway
Your life’s dance awaits

Vision your future
In the fire of the old ones

The winged ones beckon
Journey home                                                      
Melinda Hopkins 3/2006

What is the special gift the world is waiting for you to offer?

What change are you itching to initiate?
What life do you really want to live?

HOW can you reach me?

Melinda Hopkins, C.P.C.
phone: 212-721-0307

"It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in he end."                                  Ursula Le Guinn

All artwork courtesy of Michael Van Patten    copyright 2005
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